More than just a Premium On-Demand Urban Transportation Service

Because your arrival is more important than just a destination. We offer more than just a concierge on wheels. Our Premium Ride Services cater to our clients special needs along the way, from point A to point B. It’s not only how you get there, but how you are driven there. A chauffeur is more professional than a driver; being extra careful in what they are doing, because they’re not just driving for somebody else, they are taking care of all your needs. Whether that is accommodating the temperature, playing your favorite music, or providing beverages to keep you hydrated, we’ve got you covered. There’s a difference between riding in an average car and a premium car, they’ll both get you there, but when you step out of that limo or luxury car, you’ll hope there’s somebody right there to see you when you get out. Everyone that rides with a chauffeur from RydEze feels at home, important, and safe. Getting your personal concierge on wheels has never been easier, faster, and more affordable with RydEze.


Mobile APP

The RydEze mobile phone app is quick and easy to download (Android/Apple) and even easier to use. Open your RydEze App, click ORDER CAR, select your destination or request transportation by-the-hour, approve your fare, order your car. It’s that simple. Really that simple!

  • Step 1
    Download the Rydeze app. Apple Store? Google Store?
  • Step 2
    Order your luxury car! Tell us your destination or rent by hour…you decide.
  • Step 3
    Sit back and enjoy your trip. Pay with your stored CC or pay by CC in-car. Your choice.
  • Step 4
    Answer a few questions about yourself so we can do business together
  • Step 5
    Approve your fare in advance; order your car..we’ll call you as we approach your home or business.

Who’s Behind The Wheel?


Chauffeurs, not drivers

With the philosophy to treat every client as if they are the VIP

  • Your arrival is more important than just a destination
  • More professional than a driver
  • Taking care of all your special needs along the way
  • Professional customer service from point A to B
  • Experience the comfort, luxury, safety as you arrive better
  • Get your personal concierge on wheels easier, faster, and more affordable