RydEZE: Safe, Comfortable, Convenient ON-DEMAND transportation

Our History

We are a Dallas, Texas based Transportation Network Company (TNC). RydEze is best described as an aggregator of luxury sedans and SUV’s presently owned and driven by professional drivers in every major urban area in America. Drivers in the RydEze Network drive full-time, are commercially licensed and insured, professionally dressed, take pride in the appearance of their vehicle and are courteous to each of their passengers, every single day. Through our mobile phone app we built, one of our cars can be ordered and appear at your door within minutes; or days from now, whenever you need a ride. Have a favorite driver? No problem, just say so. Our fares are lower than what most people expect from our high level of personal service.

We hope to see you soon as we are coming to every major U.S. city.

Our Team

Albert Vigil

CEO and Founder

A serial entrepreneur, Al has started and sold numerous IT-related businesses in his long career. With a M.S. From UCLA and an MBA from St Edwards University coupled with a commitment to solving social problems through the use of technology, Albert thinks the ground transportation industry is ripe for change.

John Wiley Bryant

Corporate Attorney and Co-Founder

John, a graduate of SMU School of Law, has been a long-term member of congress (U.S. House of Representatives, Texas 5th district) and has represented ground transportation companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for many years, acquiring during this time a deep appreciation for the challenges facing the industry.