What is RydEze?

RydEze matches professional driers with passengers who request premium rides through our smartphone app, and riders get more than just a lift, it’s a concierge on wheels.

Whether you’re trying to double your income, fund your next venture, or invest in your future, RydEze will help you get there with class. Go forward, and lead with example.

Why RydEze?

RydEze-Best Fleet and Service

More Tips

With a more professional clientele, service, and vehicle, you expect significant tips; it’s all yours.


Increase your Income

By providing exceptional service, you can expect an income you can be proud of with RydEze


Professional Careers

The RydEze community is built upon professional people, chauffeurs and clients.


How to be Chauffeur with RydEze Works

  • 1. Download the RydEze App for Chauffeurs
  • 2. Load the app and create an account
  • 3. Watch the video belong to learn how to use the app
  • 4. Go through an application process with RydEze

How To become a professional Chauffeur

Securing your first position can be challenging but rewarding as you may or may not have a visible track record as an experienced driver. So to make applications and be realistic initially about yourself as possible and the nature of the vehicles you may be asked to drive. 

  • Maturity, considered in terms of both your life attitude and your age. Some insurance policies for luxury vehicles have minimum age requirements set at 25, 30, or 35.
  • A clean driving record and drivers license. You must be able to pass a background check. For the safety of clients, it would not be a good fit if you have a bad driving history or other convictions
  • An impeccable professional appearance, which requires well groomed, and must be required to wear business professional attire or uniform.
  • A complete commitment to personal discipline. Private or Limousine company will not tolerate anything less than 100% good work ethics, associated reliability, and responsibility.
  • An orientation to service others. People will be paying significant amounts of money to you and your employer to provide them with impeccable service.
  • Providing you meet demanding minimum acceptance criteria, Some luxury car hire companies will employ drivers with their own Vehicles.

Do more than just Drive with RydEze

Please watch our Orientation Driver’s App Training Video below.