Why Ride With Us

More than just a Premium On-Demand Urban Transportation Service

We believe in going beyond the status quo in giving you more than just a premium urban transportation service. We do this by giving you easy access to having your own personal concierge on wheels. Every ride is more than just a destination, it’s how you get there. You get real chauffeurs, not drivers. We believe in the driving philosophy that every rider should be treated as a VIP. A driver just takes you from point A to B. A chauffeur makes sure you are taken care of. They take their time, accommodate your desired temperate, giving you options on which routes and travel times to expect. You should feel right at home during your journey, right at the start and all the way to your destination. The difference in the vehicle you ride in whether thats an economy car, or a luxury car, will both get you there, but when you step out of that special limousine, you’d wish someone was there to see you. Every ride should feel special. Not only the vehicles being premium, but a chauffeur that makes you feel important, understands your needs, and allows you to feel safe. Getting your own personal concierge on wheels has never been more simple, quick, and valuable.

Chaffeurs not Drivers

When it comes to On-Demand urban transportation, most options today only provide average drivers and cars. We believe in changing that starting with real Chauffeurs. Drivers only get you from point A to point B. Chauffeurs makes you feel like a very important person from the moment they greet you, and all the way to when they open the doors to let you out at your destination. Excellent customer service is a standard to be expected. You should feel right at home when riding with a Chauffeur. You can trust in them to take care of you, your family, and needs. A chauffeur is proud to treat you with the respect that you deserve and feel the gratitude they receive in return for providing an exceptional experience to your arrival.

More than a destination

With today’s On-Demand transportation services, it’s more than just destination, it’s how you are driven there. Sure you can request fancier cars with common on-demand ride services, but you still leave many factors of your riding experience up to chance. You should feel at home the moment you step into the vehicle. Would you prefer to listen to music or have a quiet environment for you to do important work with Wi-Fi available? Perhaps you like your cabin temperature exactly at 77 degrees? Whatever your needs are, you are in full control with what to expect from a premium on-demand transportation service. It’s not only transportation, it’s a journey to be enjoyed. With RydEze, we provide professional chauffeurs that take care of your every need along the way. It’s all about how you arrive there.

In their words

Chauffeur Stories

John"Our Ride philosophy is treating every client as if they are a VIP."
Smith"I remember when a client hugged me and shook my hand after their ride. I felt a great feeling of gratitude and respect. All I had to do was gave them excellent customer service and was attentive to their needs, which was simple and should already be a standard of my service."
Lee"Every client should feel at home whenever I drive. I believe its more than just transportation for them, but an experience for them to be enjoyed, all the way to their destination, and I think it's very important."